DraftKings Promo : Free Entries For New Players

Here is the best DraftKings promo offers for 2016 : 1 free entry in $1 200 000 contest + multiple  free entries in $10 000 games + daily free entries in the “free arcade” with prizes of $25 to $5 000 ! No DraftKings promo code is needed or other hoops to jump though just click and play!

DraftKings Promo

Draftkings offers pretty much a game for any taste and budget with the main “attraction” now being the $3.75 Million one coming up this Sunday . It has, as you probably guessed by the name,  $3 750 000 in total prizes and a top prize of cool round  $1 Million! That’s right – DraftKings is one of the very few places where you can become a millionaire in just a few hours:) The entry fee for this tournament is $27 and the prizes after the $1 Million to the winner go as follow:

2nd place – $150 000

3rd place – $75 000

4th place – $50 000

5th place – $25 000

and so on and on all the way down to team number 43 395 which will win $40.  To get in this contest – click on the banner below, deposit at least $27 ( the entry fee) and start drafting. And don’t forget to enter in the $1 200 000 and $10 000 free ones when you are at it 🙂
draftkings promo 2016

DraftKings.com –  Introduction

If you’ve never heard of DraftKings and would like to know more about them – read on. If not  and just want to get into the action – sign up via our exclusive promo offer above and start playing against your buddies or other players. In the past few years DraftKings ( DK ) have established themselves as one of the leaders on fantasy sports in North America. You have probably seen their commercials on ESPN and  Yahoo or heard them on the radio. Offering a huge variety of daily fantasy sports contests and one of the highest promo code deposit match in the industry it’s no surprise DraftKings is so popular these days. You can play for free in the “FreeRoll” games or for real money with buying’s from just 25 cents to over $10 000 and test your skills in fantasy basketball, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy college basketball and now fantasy golf, poker and MMA. The website is lighting fast and super easy to use and is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best in the business. Deposits and withdrawals are done with just a few clicks.

draftkings promo

DraftKings Promo Offers

Here are some of the most common questions you might have before joining DraftKings:

Q : Why play at DraftKings?

You are absolutely right to ask why to choose DraftKings from all the now dozens fantasy sports websites with new one popping almost every week. Here are the 4 major reasons why :

– DraftKings is the leading provider of daily fantasy sports, they have been around since 2011 and growing bigger and stronger every year. Together with FanDuel they hold about 95% of the market with DK now being the leader. And being the leader means  bigger prize pools and  more games to play in.

– Huge variety of sports you play on – fantasy football, baseball, basketball, college basketball, MMA, poker, NASCAR, fantasy eSports and fantasy golf.

– Games for every taste and budget – leagues , tournaments, 50/50 , head-to-head with no entry fee (freeroll ) and buying’s all the way up to and over $1000.

– No season long commitment!

Q : Is Draftkings legal?

Yes! DraftKings is a USA based company and is 100% legal in 44 states in USA and Canada. Fantasy sports by law is considered a game of skill and as such is legal for residents 18 and over ( 19 in Nebraska and Alabama, 21 in Massachusetts ) in all states with the exception of Arizona, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa , Washington and Nevada.  This list of available states is subject to change so please make check on DraftKing’s website for the most current one.

Q : How to play ?

Easy as 1-2 . Pick a contest you want to play in than draft your team (make sure you stay under the salary cap ) – that’s it.

Q : How much is the most I can win?

Well, it depends. In some contests you can win only $5-10 bucks or so but in others – the prizes are HUGE. Of course now is the busiest time for Draftkings and they offer a ton of contest for the fantasy football season. The example tournament we talked about more above with $5 Million in prizes is the by far the biggest in the industry. There the top prize is $1 Million and all kinds of other smaller prizes are awarded. We can only hope that DraftKings will have one “Millionaire Maker” every week this year:)

Q : How to deposit money and withdraw my winnings?

You can do so with PayPal and all major debit and credit cards. Also you can use Visa, AmEx and MasterCard gift cards.

Q : They say it’s “daily” leagues – Do I have to play each and every day?

LOL – no! It’s completely up to you – play every day or skip a few days or a week , no problem.

Q : Are my lineups locked for the whole season?

NO! Since most of the games on DK are daily you get to pick a new one every day you want to play.

@ : How are the contest scored? How do I get points from the players I selected?

There are different rules and different scoring for each sport, after you pick what you will play – hit the “rules” button.

Q : But again – how is playing fantasy sports legal? It looks a lot like gambling… I used to play poker online and that didn’t go so well

DraftKings and all the other daily fantasy sports websites operates under the current  law and in full compliance with the Federal UIGEA law passed in 2006. That law deemed fantasy sports a “game of skill” , not a game of luck  which unlike online poker makes it completely legal.  Or you can think about it from this angle – since it was established in 2012 DraftKings had received multiple funding from some of the top banks in the country. Those guys do have legions of top paid lawyers  and they don’t spend a penny if their investment can be at risk. Those top paid lawyers took a long hard look at the laws and gave the green light for the millions of dollars of investments. That’s a lot of money and nobody invests so heavily into something that’s illegal. Check on DraftKings website for the current list of states which prohibit fantasy sports.

Q : I have a few friends who want to join – do DraftKings have a refer-a-friend program?

Sure! One of the best in the industry. You will get paid up to 35% of your friends entry fees – the more you refer the more money you make. The earnings are in the form of DraftKings play dollars and at the moment they can only be used for entries into paid contest but cannot be cashed out as regular winnings.

Q : How do I signup and what is the highest DraftKings promo code now in 2016?

As we said up above – starting March 1st 2016 DraftKings stopped the use of all and any promo codes. If you happen to see one somewhere on other website it’s 100% outdated and not working.  The Draftkings promo codes system was confusing to many new players and now it’s gone. Now as a new player DraftKings offers a free entry into a paid contest with first deposit . This is the best offer they are running and you can take advantage of the one free entry promo offer by clicking on the button thingy below.